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Hartleystudio unique, modern handmade jewelry - The Cell Collection

The origins of The Cell Collection

A cuff bracelet made of many circular cells held together by rivets

During the isolation of the pandemic, it struck me how we all managed to stay together while being apart.  Emails, social media videos and Zoom meetings placed us all in little boxes and strived to give us a sense of togetherness during a really tough time.  The mechanisms holding us together were slender and fragile.  

The making of The Cell Collection

A torch melting a silver wire

The Cell Collection came out of this small box isolation.  Each sterling silver cell is made individually then filed and sanded.  Each piece is assembled like a puzzle and then marked for placement of pins.  Once I have marked all the cells, I drill holes for sterling silver pins.  These pins, once threaded through the holes, are then exposed to a very hot, very small flame where they form balls on each end, holding the cells together.  Once the design is assembled, I oxidize the piece and hand rub it to give it a dark, brushed finish.  This whole process can take hours or days, depending on the complexity of the piece.

The Evolution of The Cell Collection

Two leaf shaped pendants on leather cord

I continue to work on evolving this collection.  I am using alternative materials, like leather, and incorporating stones like moissanites and diamonds.  Follow me on Instagram for first looks at new pieces in this collection.

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