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Q&A: Can you make this in gold?

For my first question and answer blog post I want to answer the question I get most often:

"Can you make this in gold?"

A pair of 18k yellow gold scalloped edge hoop earrings.  Shown on a hand for scale.

It doesn't seem to matter if gold is the hottest trend or not on anyone's radar, I get asked this all the time and I LOVE IT.  When you ask me if I can make a piece you see on my website in gold, I'm going to have a few questions for you:

  • How much were you hoping to spend?

  • Do you want this piece larger, smaller, thicker, thinner than the one you saw on my website?

  • I only work with 18k yellow gold, is that ok?

  • Do you have a time frame for this job?


hammered 18k yellow gold circle pendant with oxidized sterling silver chain and bail

Then I get to work.  I measure and weigh the original, I make a list of the materials I'll need and the number of hours the job will take and then I feed it all into a spreadsheet to get a price for you.  And the's usually SHOCKING so be prepared.  At the time of this writing, silver is $21 per ounce and gold is over $1800.  It's obviously a big difference.18K yellow gold is 75% pure gold while 14k gold is about 50% gold.  That's a dramatic price difference but it's SO worth it.  

18K gold is a deep yellow that stands out in a striking way.  It looks incredible with sterling silver, particularly when the silver is oxidized.  It's a wonderful investment that never really goes out of style.  If you were kind enough to give me a budget when I asked before I gave you the quote and the piece is far out of your price range, there are modifications I can make to keep the project in line with your budget:

  • I can make part of the piece in gold and part in silver

  • I can make the piece smaller or thinner

  • I can change the design so less material or labor is involved

  • I can put you on a payment plan like Affirm or ShopPay so you make several smaller payments while getting your jewelry up front

So, if you have read this far, thank you!  Gold is a great investment and, if chosen well, will never go out of style and will look great on you for the rest of your life!  

18k and yellow gold half circle hoop earrings
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