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What are my 5 best selling jewelry designs?

Sometimes when I do shows people ask which pieces are my best sellers.

Here is what I always tell them. 

Let's talk about best sellers. Many of my items are made to order, which means when you order it...I make it specifically for you. How cool is that? Over the years, 5 pieces have become standout best sellers. Most are VERY affordable and they are all super unique and really wearable!

Here they are, in order:

1. My Orbit dangle earrings. A best seller for a reason. One reviewer said: "I love these earrings! They are super lightweight and adorable - and they work with my existing similar-but-different jewelry. I would definitely order from this artist again."


A darkened silver ring with concentric circles

2. My Orbit ring. Each one is made to order so yours will be unique. I can make it bigger or smaller or add a stone. That's the beauty of made to order!


Two pendants, one large and one small, of hammered circles with the chain running through the pendant

3. My open circle pendant. Available in large or small, oxidized or bright. This pendant looks great with everything and is double sided...hammered on one side and shiny on the other. It's the perfect gift, especially if it's for yourself!


Three pair of mezzaluna shaped earrings in darkened sterling silver

4. My blade hoops. So edgy and so earthy. I sell these over and over and over again. They are available in three sizes so you can choose the size that will look best on you!


sterling silver hammered interlocking circle earrings

5. My double hoop earrings. I have made so many of these and I always love sending them out into the world. A classic earring with a hammered texture to let people know you're just a little tougher than you appear. A happy customer said: "These are great earrings! Perfect size for daytime or evening wear. I love the hammered finish. I am a true "Hartley" addict. I just can't help myself. Ann does such fantastic work and is so fun to work with."

Whether you're buying for yourself or buying a gift, you can't go wrong with these five pieces.  They have been best sellers for years and years, will never go out of style and look fantastic and unique on everyone!

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