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Why we don't celebrate Valentine's Day---but why YOU should!

We have a different kind of celebration on Febuaraly 14th…

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On February 14th 2003 my husband and I were delighted to welcome our first born child into this world. Actually, that makes it sound like he just showed up…which he DID NOT DO. After what seemed like days and days and days of being in labor and all that rigamarole…he was delivered via super emergency C Section. It was a bit of a mess, but what birth isn’t? It was such a long and exhausting labor that we had NO IDEA it was even Valentine’s Day. Ben just happened to wander down to the lobby in search of food and discovered flowers and balloons and hearts and all things Valentine’s Day and came rushing up to my bedside to tell me that we had a baby ON Valentine’s Day. Do I remember this? Kinda…to be honest, I was still pretty dopey from the magic c section drugs so it’s all a little hazy. Did I mention there was a historic blizzard at the same time? Yeah, the hospital was basically closed and we were mostly there with a skeleton staff. So yeah…
it was all pretty hilarious but it turned out well in the end.
So, that’s the last Valentine’s Day we actually celebrated…if you count a balloon, an ice pack and a lot of sleeping as celebrating. Since 2003 we have had birthday parties and cake and presents for our son and we couldn’t be happier. We actually forget that Valentine’s Day is even a thing.
I think women shouldn’t wait to be recognized
and here’s why. I don’t love the idea of women waiting around for their partners to buy them stuff. In the years and years I worked at the jewelry store, I had a mile long client list full of women who were desperately trying to hint to their partners about what they wanted and then, 9 times out of 10…the husbands never showed up and my clients were disappointed. Maybe it’s just that my clients had asshole partners…but I always told them to just “buy what you want for yourself!” And I still think that. If you have an awesome person who always remembers Valentine’s Day and is thoughtful about buying gifts…hold on to that human because that’s a keeper. If you don’t have someone who’s love language is “buying of gifts”…then join the club because I don’t either. Unless I specifically say to him “HEY! Get me a card and flowers today”…it’s not going to happen. But does he love me? Yes. And do I know it EVERY SINGLE DAY? Hell yes. What I’m trying to say is this: Maybe your partner is awesome at emptying the dishwasher or putting up shelves or watching the kids or cleaning the bathroom…but not great at gift buying. I KNOW from years and years of experience working at the jewelry store, your partner would much rather you bought for yourself and put his name on it than you be disappointed.
So absolutely celebrate Valentine’s Day!!!
It’s an amazing holiday full of love and jewelry and chocolate and NONE of that is bad! But do not wait for someone to hand all that to you if you know that’s not your partner’s thing. Take care of yourself and I promise your partner will be so thankful. And YOU will get exactly what you want!
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